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The idea for suiting a chicken came in a dream. A dream of a chicken that was covered with hair instead of feathers. Well, you can’t take a chicken’s feathers off and then glue hair on it – can you? This is how the chickenssuit came about.


The inventors of the chickenssuit, this ingenious “piece of freedom“, truly believe that there is a real need for this world to suit its chickens. We talk from experience. Chickenssuit has made our lives richer.


show me your chickens suit and i tell you who you are

the theme of this world expo is nature and man. fashion is hu-man. if animals are wearing clothes it means hu-man-izing them. we love to make animals human (e.g. animation) because this way we believe to understand them better. if we dress animals then only those who appeal to our heart - "useless" animals like cats and dogs. a chicken is useful. it tastes good and it lays eggs - so why would we dress it? dressing a chicken means "secondary" domestication - first for use, then for love.
the human body is inflexible. we can jump, we can bend, but we cannot turn our heads in circles like an owl or change the length of our neck by more than 100% like a chicken. therefore it is easy to cover and suit a human's body, but a bird's?
fashion is a social phenomenon, it claims to emphasize the individual. do we grant animals an individualistic approach toward life? can we apply these human categories to other species on this globe? Isn't it for sure another humanization of a world we neither wish to nor can understand?



a project by:
Edgar Honetschläger & Willi Mahringer